At the limit of what you can handle, but more stress keeps piling on?

Moms experience stress at one time or another, but continuous high stress can be harmful to your physical and mental health. It can cause feelings of anxiety, fear, and despair. It can also weaken your immune system and overall health, leaving you susceptible to colds and viruses, aches and pains, as well as many serious illnesses.

Amazingly, the effects of stress often go unnoticed until they build up as mental or physical exhaustion or burnout. Due to the overall compromised health and chronic disease stress causes, it has often been referred to as “The Silent Killer.” Many people seek out professional help only once their physical and mental health has deteriorated so badly that they find themselves "ill". Often they are placed on medication that helps them "cope" with everyday stress.

In 2020, anti-anxiety drugs saw a big spike, jumping 34.1% in prescriptions, which was more than double the number of insomnia aids (14.8%), and almost twice as high as antidepressants (18.6%). These drugs have common side effects including nausea, headaches, weight gain, sleep problems, fatigue, and sexual problems.

But there is hope...

What if you had the tools to heal instead of just cope?

The SOS Stress Recovery Program is a nutrition and lifestyle program designed to help bring the mind and body back into balance while eliminating the unhealthy effects of stress.

Your response to stress is unique and complex. The essential tools in this program are designed to be flexible as they help support each component of the stress response, allowing you to find the perfect balance that restores your vitality and optimal health.

Throughout the program, you will better understand how stress affects your health on a daily basis – including why your body responds, or fails to respond, to the stressful events in your life.

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Starting with the “Life Event Stress Inventory,” you will discover the life events that may be the most stressful. Additionally, the program outlines recommendations for the four major factors that trigger a stress response in the body: mental and emotional stress, blood sugar imbalances, insomnia and inflammation.

Once you understand these basic principles, you will have the tools to control your stress response, rather than be controlled by the events and circumstances around you.

How We Can Help You Find Your Best Health

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After filling out your stress assessment, you will schedule a free discovery call with our staff to go over details and gather information to determine if the program and our practice is right for you.


You will have an initial consultation and regular follow up visits with our functional medicine doctor.


Our team will create an individualized treatment plan, including lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, and supplementation, that are dynamic and fluid as you go through the program.


Regularly scheduled sessions with a certified health coach will help you understand your doctor's plan of care, and offer tools and accountability as you implement new lifestyle changes.