Functional Medicine is a branch of healthcare that focuses on treating your body as the unique, individual person that you are. Your state of health is a combination of your genetics and all the input your body has experienced over your life--from the food you eat, to the medicines you have taken, to the environment where you live, even your life events. The traditional model of care by most physicians is to run tests, identify when certain metrics are outside of an acceptable range, and then prescribe medications to return those metrics to normal, often without actually allowing the body to heal.


Functional medicine, on the other hand, considers alternative treatments before medications or invasive procedures. By understanding the root cause of your ailment, functional medicine practitioners identify healing opportunities, and rather than mask the symptoms with prescriptions, use a protocol of diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction, and supplementation to allow the body to heal itself.


Functional medicine is the future of healthcare as we transition to a society focused on getting well and staying well. While traditional medicine is irreplaceable for many acute conditions and sickness, functional medicine provides the foundation of preventative health​care. With functional medicine we always try to look at the "big picture", find healing opportunities. We don't treat your disease specifically, we treat your entire being as a whole, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Millions of people suffer from autoimmunity, whether they know it or not. The root cause of most weight gain, brain and mood problems, and fatigue can take years – or even decades – for symptoms and a clear diagnosis to arise.

LivingMatrix™ is a powerful online tool that enables you to easily document the unfolding phenomena that lead to ill health – a process that often occurs over many years, perhaps even a lifetime. It gives you and your practitioner the “Big Picture” so you can take the necessary steps to build back your health. 

Why should I build my LivingMatrix™ Report?

​Our symptoms and our current state of health are an accumulation of actions, events, and environmental influences that have taken place over the course of our entire lives. Events in our distant past, even our childhood years, may provide clues to solving the puzzle and identifying healing opportunities. Even events that occurred at or before birth, influenced by your mother’s health years before you were born, may play a role. Scientists are discovering that our genes and the way they are expressed are influenced by what our ancestors may have experienced several generations ago. In fact, this discovery has spawned a whole new scientific discipline – epigenetics – to understand how our nutrition, lifestyle, environment, and events in our daily life influence gene expression. Events that happened in your past, even many years ago, can affect your health today and be the cause of system dysfunction.

​Documenting the actions, events, and environmental influences that have occurred in your life allows for the construction of meaning and a “Big Picture” view of how your body got to where it is today. This opens up a conversation between you and your practitioner. LivingMatrix™ helps you and your practitioner work together, evaluate holistically, look for patterns, and find correlations/triggers/mediators.

Each of us has a unique history that accumulates over time and holds the clues that can contribute significantly to creating a personalized plan to get you back to the health you want.